A photography project.

There’s the moment of crossing the avenue when you suddenly find yourself positioned in a place you’re not quite supposed to be. This is the space where the taxis, cars, and delivery trucks travel. Even as you walk, one is edging closer, waiting for you to pass. It is not a space occupied by the stationary (person or vehicle).

But the view is beautiful. The glimpse down the long avenue, the light that draws out shadows on the city streets. It is the transition from block to block, where an idled mind is interrupted. You must look to the left, or the right, to check for safe passageway. There is a consciousness of crossing a street, that is absent from step to step within the block itself.

I am interested in showing the narration of these moments. The lingering wait on the street corner, the transition from curb to road, and the fleeting view some people take down the long avenues.