An RFID enabled toy teaching kids the language & culture of Chinatown through exploration.

Project Brief
Time: 4 weeks | Team: Tony Chu & Prachi Pundeer
Role: UX designer, video (editor, effects, filming)

For our prototyping class, we were tasked with designing an experience out in the environment with several layers of complexity set over time. We chose to explore a design that would give a cultural link to outsiders visiting Chinatown.

We originally envisioned a tourist service. There would be a toy someone would check out, and they would carry it around the neighborhood to listen to cultural insights and translations. The stuffed animal would also recommend places to go and things to see based on the user's interest.

Through the process of acting out our user journeys, and interacting with our product, we realized we preferred to take the design in an educational direction. We thought "Fufu" could be used as a tool to communicate to children what the things they found were, as well as collecting the data.

We felt it was still important to give FuFu a physical form, because this allowed for different interactions than just a smart phone.

The final form Fufu took was an RFID & OCR enabled educational toy. He is able to collect the things the child finds as well as tell them what they are.

iPad Application