A service for parents that makes it easier to save, share & publish their journey of raising a kid.

Project Brief
Time: 3 weeks | Team: Tash Wong & Tom Harman
Role: UX designer, animator

Centered around the theme of "Saving", we wanted to create a useful tool. We decided to explore around the theme of "saving childhood" and what that meant from the parents' perspective. We felt sending prompts through email would be less a intrusive way of gathering mementos. Through the use of email, the prompts could be more easily shared with friends & family to gather stories.

As the stories are collected, they could be viewed at the GrowingUp home site. There, parents could see the stories, and view a timeline of events. They could also choose to publish, and send them as gifts, or keep them as physcial artifacts. A prototype of the site can be seen here.

User Journey
This video tells the story of GrowingUp and why it might be used.